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Color Ink Jet Label Printers

We now feature a wide-range of ink jet printers from small Epson SecurColor TM-C3400 printers to the high-speed, high-resolution QuadraColor printing system.

Capabilities include both narrow- and wide-web units that print process or spot-color labels. The Epson ColorWorks TM-3500 and GP-C831 ink jet printers are perfect for low-volume in-house GHS and medical label printing.

And all these printers work with our Legitronic Labeling Software.

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Epson GHS label printer GP-C831
Neuralabel ink jet label printer
Neuralabel Ink Jet Label Printer

High-Resolution/High-Speed Ink Jet Label Printers

Neuralabel High Speed Ink Jet Label Printer - The NeuraLabel 300x is a high-speed, high resolution printer for on-demand GHS compliant, color label printing. Built on advanced HP PageWide technology, the NeuraLabel 300x is capable of print speeds up to 20 inches per second (that’s over 100 letter size labels per minute).

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Epson C3400 inkjet label printer
Epson Ink Jet Label Printers

Economical Inkjet Label Printer

Epson Securcolor C3400 Ink Jet Label Printer - Instead of preprinting and storing thousands of labels, the SecurColor inkjet printer makes it easy and economical to print only the labels and tags you need.

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Zebra 110Xi4 thermal label printer
High-Quality Ink Jet Label Printer

Epson ColorWorks C3500 Ink Jet Label Printer - Print high-quality 4-color labels on-demand with the Epson C3500 ink jet label printer. Perfect for GHS chemical distribution labels and medical device labels.

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Epson GP-C831 GHS inkjet label printer
Wide-Web GHS Ink Jet Label Printer

Epson ColorWorks GP-C831 Ink Jet Label Printer - Breakthrough, industrial-strength pinfed ink jet label printer produces large labels at high-speed. Ideal for GHS drum and chemical labeling and relabeling.

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Epson C7500 inkjet label printer
High-Speed Ink Jet Label Printer

Epson ColorWorks C7500/C7500GE Ink Jet Label Printers - High-speed, high-resolution color ink jet label printer that prints up to 11.8" per second. Great for on-demand Just in Time Color label printing in almost any industry thanks to the durable, smudge-resistant inks. C7500GE includes Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition software.

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Weber Legitronic Labeling Software

Labeling Software
Legitronic® Labeling Software- makes label formatting and printing easy; also supports the encoding of RFID smart labels.

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