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Weber Packaging Solutions makes high-quality booklet labels.

Booklet & Extended Text Labels

Give your customer the all the information they need with extended text labeling.

Many products, especially medicines and nutraceuticals, need to provide additional information to their customers regarding dosage and safety concerns. While space on a container is limited, you can get around that limitation by using a booklet label.

Booklet labels contain multi-layer pages of additional text that are folded and applied as a single, small label. That label can then be opened via a reclosable adhesive strip. Other extended text labels include just printing on the back of the label, or creating a sandwich of two layers that open to reveal more text.

Weber can help you decide on the right type of label and materials that will look great and yet be durable enough to take repeated use and reclosing of the labels.

Booklet Label Tips

 Booklet labels are tricky and require testing to make sure they will work the way you want them to. Plan ahead and check all your options.
 Be sure to use label materials that will stand up to damp and abrasive conditions as well as frequent handling of the booklet label.
Always test your label adhesives to make sure they will stick securely to your containers, especially plastic bottles and curved shapes.

 While you can get a lot of text onto a booklet label, make sure you have it proofread thoroughly to avoid costly mistakes.
 Make sure your label indicates that more information is available underneath!
 Use a die cut shape or other device to make it easy for people to peel-open the label. Take into consideration the elderly if they will be using it.
 Add a QR or augmented reality code so your customers can interact with your company, get coupons, and more.

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