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Label Applicator Systems

High-Speed to Hand-Application of Preprinted Labels

Weber offers a complete line of automatic label applicators that can rapidly apply preprinted pressure-sensitive labels to all types of products and packages. Each model is uniquely designed to address specific labeling requirements:

High-speed application rates programmable up to 6,000 linear inches of label web/min.
Advanced stepper-motor or servo-motor technology and peel-tip sensing
Gentle-contact (wipe-on) or non-contact (tamp-blow or air-blow) methods of application
Exceptional placement accuracy
Easy maintenance and unsupervised operation functions
Low-volume and hand-apply systems for economical labeling

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Tronics Series 3 label applicator
Tronics Series 3 label applicator Tronics Series 3 Label Applicators

Tronics Series 3 label application systems from Weber include multiple high-speed, in-line label applicator configurations designed handle a wide range of products/packages and label shapes and sizes.

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HERMA label applicator HERMA H400 Series Label Applicators

When you need high speed labeling, Weber's servo-controlled HERMA H400 is one of the most versatile wipe-on pressure-sensitive label applicators due to its variety of unique, modular configurations. The HERMA can apply labels up to 6.3" wide standard and 12.6" wide with available option.

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Herma tamp-blow label applicator HERMA H400 Tamp-Blow Label Applicator

Weber's HERMA H400 Tamp-Blow label applicator is a non-contact labeling system that allows you to apply labels to recessed areas on products. It can apply labels up to 6.0" wide and several tamp pad sizes are available and can be easily swapped to accomodate different labeling runs.

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Weber's Alpha Compact label applicator Alpha Compact Label Applicator

Weber's Alpha Compact label applicator is a cost-effective solution to fast, reliable pressure-sensitive labeling. Using the highly-accurate wipe-on method, this label appplication system can dispense up to 164 feet of labels per minute.

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Geset 121 wrap-around lbel applicator

Geset 121 Wrap-Around Label Applicator System

The Geset 121 is an easy-to-use wrap-around system for low to medium volume labeling of straight-wall cylindrical products like bottles or other round containers. Perfect for craft beer and small winery labeling. It can apply labels up to 6" high and 12" long at up to 65 fpm.

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Bottle-Matic labeling system Tabletop Bottle Applicators

Choose from two tabletop label applicators that apply one or two labels to bottles and other cylindrical containers.

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Towa hand-held label applicator

Hand-Held Applicators

Choose from two models and three separate sizes of manual label applicators to apply pressure-sensitive labels and pre-encoded RFID tags up to 100mm wide.

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