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Weber Packaging Solutions manufactures high-quality custom healthcare labels.

Custom Healthcare & Life Sciences Labels

High-quality, thoroughly inspected and secure labels.

Labeling for Healthcare products is a mission-critical function to not only identify the contents of the product but also provide extremely important information including warnings and tracking. Weber can help you with syringe labels, cold chain labeling, blood bag labeling, booklet & extended text labels, security/RFID labeling and general product labeling.

Life sciences labels

The varied types of packaging and uses of Life Science products require getting the right materials printed in the correct manner to assure compliance. Testing and qualifications are necessary to meet standards and legal requirements. Plus, security and tracking is often a needed component of the healthcare label.

Weber Packaging Solutions has over 90 years of experience helping customers label their healthcare products successfully. We can help you get the right labeling system, the best labels for the application, and back it with expert customer service to keep your production lines rolling. Weber is ISO certified and has been for over 20 years.

On-press, variable code-dating and messaging using laser etch or UV inkjet allows you to add additional information on the fly. And sequential back-of-liner numbering aids inventory control.

Weber uses on-press and post-press video inspection to maintain the highest quality assurance. We use ISO 9001-registered label manufacturing processes that can assist cGMP compliance to 21 CFR Subpart G.

Another easy way to add UDI information to your labels is by using Weber's Markoprint X Jet thermal inkjet coders. When mounted on our Alpha HSM or Alpha Compact label applicators, you can print variable information on the fly as you apply your labels. Watch video below.

Healthcare Label Tips

• Durable label materials allow you to use labels for closure and security. 
• Lamination on your pharmaceutical/nutraceutical labels will protect the product while in use in wet or humid environments.

• Add extended content to your label to give additional health information with booklet or extended text labels. 
• Complex die cuts allow products to have multi-part labels for traceability.

Life Sciences labeling white paper