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Markoprint ink jet coders

Markoprint X2Jet Thermal Ink Jet Coders

X1Jet printing on an Alpha HSM

The Weber Markoprint X2Jet Thermal Ink Jet Coding System features a two-headed high-resolution coder and controller that provide reliable, clean, readable text, images and bar codes on your labels or products.

The Markoprint X2Jet systems are easy to operate. They use convenient HP ink jet cartridges that make it fast and simple to change ink formulations or address maintenance issues.

A unique feature about the Markoprint coding systems is that they are built to attach to either Weber or Pack Leader label applicators with an optional bracket to add date/lot codes as labels are being applied to your products. The ink dries almost immediately (depending on the formulation) and is very durable for most applications.


Markoprint X1 Jet TIJ ink jet coder

Markoprint X2Jet - thermal inkjet coder (TIJ)

The Markoprint X2Jet HP is based on the reliable Markoprint line of inkjet systems and is designed for various applications such as food & beverage, chemical, coated/uncoated packaging materials, timber and the pharmaceutical industry.

The X2Jet system allows you to print one message up to 1" (25mm) high with the two printhead assembly or two separate messages up to 0.5" (12.5mm) high using two individual printheads. The dedicated touch screen keyboard controller keeps the functionality at your fingertips.

• Innovative technology for printing data directly onto labels or products

• Markoprint coders use HP ink cartridges for proven reliability
• Low downtime for maintenance – a new cartridge provides a new print head and elimninates most issues
• High-quality, high-resolution printing at up to 600 dpi


  Markoprint X2Jet Features

The Markoprint X2Jet Thermal Ink Jet Coder

X2Jet ink jet coder options

The X2Jet is optimized for use on production lines with up to 2 print heads, either individual or together. If used as 2 individual print stations, you can configure them differently to print on two opposite sides of a carton or at two different lines simultaneously. The 5.7-inch touch screen controller & keyboard make operation and set-up easy. idesign8 software is included but not necessary for creating or modifying messages.

X2Jet ink jet coder options

Universal design for flexible use
• Markoprint X2Jet uses True Type fonts for printing. All conventional 1- and 2-dimensional codes can be printed.
• Highly compact design
• Integrates easily into your packaging line or onto your label applicator
• X2Jet printing height up to 1" (25 mm)
• Print up to 590'/min (180m) at 300 dpi; maximum resolution 600 dpi

X2Jet Controller
X2Jet ink jet controller inputsThe back of the X2Jet controller features a host of inputs for your data, including two USB ports, LAN connection and a EIA-232 interface. There are also M8 ports for using an optional sensor or an optical encoder.

Comprehensive range of standard accessories
• Rotary/shaft encoders, catering to different belt speeds or production stops during printing
• Flex bracket for varying product spacing
• Assembly brackets for horizontal and vertical application on production lines or label applicators

Wide ink range
A selection of water- and solvent-based inks are available to work with many applications. Paper, cartons, coated surfaces, foils, plastics etc. are coded permanently, with excellent resolution. Get ultimate flexibility with our HP cartridge-based ink jet coding systems.

System Software Options
The X2Jet is available in 2 different system software versions: Advanced and Pro. Each version offers upgrades in speed and available features. See the chart below for details.

X2Jet ink jet coders systems

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