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Weber Packaging Solutions manufactures high-quality custom household product labels.

Custom Household Product Labels

Attractive labels plus important safety information.

A household product label competes with all the other brands on the store shelf, so it needs to be visually appealing. But since it often contains chemical ingredients, it usually needs labels with caution information and detailed instructions.

The label also needs to be durable since it will be handled repeatedly often with the contents getting on the label. This could lead to important label directions becoming unreadable. Always use the right label materials for your labels and consider lamination to make your label look better and last longer.

When creating a family of furniture care products such as conditioners and oils, be sure to let the customer see exactly what they will be putting on their expensive wooden treasures. By using clear labels and containers, the buyer can see the products inside, showing your quality ingredients. 

When choosing the right label for your detergent or liquid soap product, it's important to get a label material that will stand up to exposure to the product. The label is going to get wet and abused.

Weber can help you decide on the right materials that will look great and yet be durable enough to take harsh treatment of repeated soakings and squeezing.

Household Product Label Tips

• Flexo label printing allows bright colorful label in up to 10 colors. 
• Expanded text labels with multiple layer construction let you handle large amounts of copy for ingredients, caution and handling instructions. 
• Durable label materials hold up to harsh storage conditions and consumer handling.

• Adding lamination to your label will help it look better and last longer.
• Custom die shapes can match your label to the lines of the container.
• Matching front & back labels can enhance a products design and they can be easily applied using a label applicator system
• Add a QR to engage your customers.

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