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Weber Packaging Solutions makes high-quality promotional and coupon labels.

Promotional & Coupon Labels

Working on a marketing campaign for your product line?

If you want to give one of your products a boost by using a coupon or start a social media campaign with an online game, we have some great ideas for you. Coupon labels help a customer finalize a borderline decision.

Variable data like game codes can be imprinted using our laser or UV inkjet coders on press when the labels are printed. And you can get short runs of labels or proto-type labels economically by having them printed on one of our HP digital presses.

Sometimes labels have to be more than just a decoration. That's why Weber prints a variety of special-purpose labels including coupon labels, game-piece labels, security labels, booklet labels, lumber tag labels and more.

• Coupon labels increase sales at point-of-purchase and can be printed with many different types of adhesives

• Booklet labels allow you to add additional product information that ordinarily would not fit on regular label

• If your product needs additional security, we can help you determine what would work best like holographic images, destructible labels or tamper-evident closure labels

• Labels that include game pieces or codes for online interaction can increase brand loyalty amongst your customers

• Have a special label project that is out of the ordinary? Give us a call and let us show you some solutions!


Promotional Label Tips

• Coupon label construction use general purpose or all-temperature adhesives while peel-off coupons or game pieces use a removable adhesive. 
• Sandwich labels have a peel-off reveal that stays on the product while the game piece comes off without adhesive.

• Coupons should be a bright color to attract the buyer's attention. 
• Large type stating the coupon's offer is essential to get the message across fast and accurately. 
• Variable game codes or messages can be imprinted using laser or UV inkjet coders while on press.

New to labels?

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