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Weber Packaging Solutions manufactures high-quality pet food and pet supplies labels.

Pet Food & Pet Care Labels

Need some great-looking labels for your pet products line?

Weber's label expertise can help you get just the right label to enhance your brand and bring it to life on the store shelf. With a wide range of materials and adhesives to match your product requirements, we can create retail labels for your pet food products, pet care supplies, or carton labeling for master cartons.


We can also help you get the right automated labeling sytem to match your production line needs. Our Pack Leader USA label applicators can label bottles, pouches, boxes, vials or just about any shape product including front/back labels for oval-shaped containers. We also have our Model 5300 label printer applicators that can print and apply labels to cartons and Model 5300 corner-wrap label printer-applicators that can help you meet big box store labeling requirements for two-sided labeling.


Pet Food Label Tips

• Food packaging has to endure a wide range of environmental extremes from hot warehouses to wet and humid storage. 
• Weber offers facestocks and adhesives that can withstand these hardships with ease. 
• Our quality testing assures your label performance. 
• We offer label options that comply with FDA standards for indirect food contact, too.

Will your container go through a HPP system to pasteurize your food product? Make sure you talk with a labeling expert about selecting the right label material for high pressure processing. 

 Add a laminate or spot varnish to areas of your label to highlight specific features. 
 Booklet labels can add additional pages to your label that can contain warnings, health information or coupons. 
 Add a QR Code to direct consumers to your social media pages.


New to labels?

Get our handy guide to getting started with labels. Download Users Guide to Labels.

Pet Food Labels from Weber